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101 Best Stoner Gifts for Grown-Up Stoners

Best Poker for Anyone With Sense of Humor (or Anyone Who Loves “Big Bang Theory”)

Our Review

The “Poke A Bowl” Poker isn’t just any bowl poker. It includes a compartment to contain your ashed bowl, with a lid to keep stoners from accidentally poking themselves.

But the real genius lies in its hilarious marketing, and its prominently-featured slogan, “Clean your ash hole.” The company’s founder and CEO, Creagen Dow, is best known for his work on the adorkable TV show “Big Bang Theory,” which may be where he discovered the value of puns.

Now he’s committed to helping stoners tend to their ash holes. (Nobody wants a clogged ash hole.) Help him with his noble mission by getting this for your funniest stoner friend, or for any stoner fans of the Big Bang Theory.

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