March 5, 2013



Cleaning your ash hole will never be the same. The Poke A Bowl® has been featured on Getting Doug With High and Netflix’s Disjointed with Kathy Bates and has thousands of happy customers.

Although an ordinary ashtray is convenient, it has one major fault; it doesn’t have a cleaning spike thin enough to remove ash and resin from your bowl or pipe. While smacking your bowl or pipe may be considered “civilized”, studies show the Poke A Bowl® improves your ability to clean your ash hole.

Using a Poke A Bowl® can help with issues such as smacking your bowl or pipe and blowing ash everywhere. A great, simple solution. Learn more below!

• What Is A Poke A Bowl®?

Poke A Bowl® is the ultimate portable or home based ashtray with the thinnest of spikes, allowing you to remove ash & resin from bowls, pipes, one hitters, chillums, etc. and it’s made in the USA.

• Originiality

The Poke A Bowl® Travel Box™ and Home Dome™ ashtrays are designed with unique shapes that allow you the consumer to readily recognize it’s a Poke A Bowl® and it’s Poke A Bowl® quality.

• Design

The Poke A Bowl® is designed with the thinnest and sturdiest cleaning spike on the market so it easily pierces through the hole of bowls, pipes, one hitters, chillums, etc. ensuring you a better, cleaner, smoother smoke every time without glass breakage! The silicone not only provides heat resistant protection up to 450 degrees, but also makes for a non-stick surface, allowing ash & resin to easily pour out into the trash for effortless clean up.

• Durability

The cleaning spike material was chosen for its durability and size. Cleaning it with lemon oil will ensure it lasts for a long time. The Poke A Bowl® utilizes premium heat resistant silicone (designed to withstand heat up to 450°F) embedded around the cleaning spike. The Poke A Bowl® outer shells are made of durable plastic and polypropylene to ensure years of use.

• Portable

The Poke A Bowl® is designed to be light weight making it an excellent travel companion – simply dump the ash & resin from your Poke A Bowl®, close the lid and VOILA! Now you can take it with you wherever you go.

• Elegance

The Poke A Bowl® Home Dome™ has a cork bottom which not only acts as a beautiful accent to the Home Dome™ but also prevents sliding and scratching on all surfaces!

• Quality

Every Poke A Bowl® manufactured is inspected by a quality inspector to ensure that only the best products leave our manufacturing facility and arrive at your door. Expect Poke A Bowl® quality when you purchase the only Box or Dome bowl and pipe cleaning ashtray on the market!

Poke A Bowl® ASH-tronaut™ Mascot

Poke A Bowl® ASH-tronaut™ Mascot

Poke A Bowl® Home Dome™ Ashtray (Vader)

Poke A Bowl® Travel Box™ Ashtray Bubblegum Pink Open With Bullet Point