Best Gifts for Your Stoner Girlfriend

Want to show that special pothead in your life some love? Then you might want to look at the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend, as picked by a stoner.

Stoner girls always have good taste, which is why finding the best gifts for your stoner girlfriend can be such a hard task to accomplish. After all, stonerettes tend to want something that’s both functional and stylish — no matter what its use is for.

If you’re looking for a “just because” gift for that special pot smoking girl in your life, look no further than these items below. They’ve been voted as some of the best gifts for your stoner GF, FWB, or gal pal.

Red Travel Box Ashtray by Poke A Bowl

Poke A Bowl® Maverick Red Travel Box™ Ashtray

This ashtray is one of the smartest things we’ve ever seen, primarily because it helps keep your bowl clean while it scoops up ashes. That large pin in the center is what you use to “poke” your bowl — and thereby clean out any clots that happen from too much use.

It can be brought on trips and also remains stylish in all situations, making it one of the best gifts for your stoner GF. We’re declaring this one of the few stoner girl must-haves that hasn’t become totally widespread yet, and making her one of the first to enjoy it will definitely make her happy.

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