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Cannabis Life Hacks

It’s pretty easy to stick to what you know, but with almost anything in life, it’s good to try something new once in a while – especially when there are certain products that make smoking cannabis a little easier and more enjoyable. These products address issues in the areas of lighting, rolling, vaporizing, debowling, applying concentrates, and preventing smoky odors. If you find yourself looking for new accessories to spruce up your high life, step up your game with these cannabis-friendly life hacks.

Poke A Bowl

Constantly getting your hands dirty while cashing the bowl can become annoying, but the days of black resin coating your fingers can be put behind you with the Poke A Bowl. This ashtray features a plastic rod in the center that acts as a poker for when you reach the end of a bowl pack. In order to avoid your pipe from getting clogged, make sure you always pack your herb in with as little force as possible.

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