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More celebrities use the Poke A Bowl® ashtray than any other ashtray. Don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying about the Poke A Bowl® ashtray. Real customer testimonials, real customer satisfaction!

I’m enjoying my Poke A Bowl this xmas

I’m enjoying my Poke A Bowl this xmas

Justin Renfrow
CFL Offensive Tackle

That’s the one right there

I used it this week many times with the menorah bong. That is a genius product by the way! Anybody who is smoking weed out of a bowl, that’s the one right there.

Josh Wolf

Conveniently located and surprisingly safe spike

Really enjoyed cleaning the ash out of my marijuana pipe, using the conveniently located and surprisingly safe spike in the middle of my beautiful new ashtray, both courtesy of the fine folks @pokeabowl

Noah Gardenswartz

You need a Poke A Bowl®

Are you sick and tired of flicking ashes behind the couch? Does your wife call you a disgusting pig? Those days are long gone. Hi, my name is Joey Diaz. I’m a professional pot smoker, felon and I’ve got problems. This is the answer to your problems right here. The Poke A Bowl®! No more messing around, no more putting the bowl out on the cat. You take the bowl, you flip it over, you clean it, baboom! You’re stoned in 50 seconds. Stop burning carpet holes in your grandmothers couch!

Joey Diaz

All the ashes just pour right out

I think it’s a great idea! I’m terrible with maintenance as you can see, that’s why the Poke A Bowl® is perfect for me. All the ashes just pour right out too!

Doug Benson

Ooo Nice!

Ooo Nice! It’s soft and squishy. Much Love!

Wiz Khalifa

I have one!

Machine Gun Kelly
American Rapper


Genius. Freakin’ genius!

Adam DeVine

They’re great

They’re great!

Dr. Dina
Expert Cannabis Consultant

Oh! Wow! Oh wow!

Oh! Wow! Oh wow! That’s great. That’s cool.

Matt Jones

I got one, it’s great!

I have a Poke A Bowl®. I got one, it’s great!

Tiffany Haddish

That thing is great.

Poke A Bowl is great. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it took about 1 second to figure it out.

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman
Professional Wrestler

This is crazy

This is crazy. I’m telling you right now. I’m from New York City. If we want to finish a bowl, we have to throw the bowl into a dumpster. That’s it, we’re done. Every time I’m smokin’ a bowl, I spent $30 on the bowl. This is crazy. You have your bowl, you’re like what am I gonna do, empty it in my hand, am I gonna hit it on my shoe or throw it on the ground? No. I’m genuinely impressed with this. You even have a lid to close it off!

Luis J. Gomez

That thing is genius

That thing is genius!

Jason Ellis
Radio Host

It’ll be nice to not dig through drawers looking for paperclips

Thanks Poke A Bowl! It’ll be nice to not dig through drawers looking for paperclips and eyeglass-screwdrivers every time I have to scrape a bowl.

Mike David
Radio Host

It works like magic

It works like magic.

Andy Kindler

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