Creagen Dow: Cannabis Visionary

I love intriguing new products that are both crafty and also intellectually produced. Enter the “Poke A Bowl”, because the entire way that you’ve been cleaning the sticky resin and ash from your glass pipes is wrong. Wrong? Yes, that smelly brown stuff that clogs up the business part of your pipe or bong stem is just gross, especially when it gets on your fingers. You’ll know it all day! Creagen Dow has a solution. He knows intimately how to clean your gummed up cannabis pipe or glued up bong stem with simplicity and verve.

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9 Smoking Essentials for Flower Enthusiasts

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Poke A Bowl: Home Dome

The odor-proof Poke a Bowl is the ideal ash solution for tidy stoners. A cork-lined bottom keeps the Home Dome from slipping, ensuring the elimination of your spent flower is a clean experience. The dome’s interior is embedded with non-stick silicone rubber and the thinnest durable spike on the market to unclog your gunged-up pieces while keeping the mess contained.

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