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The Best Ashtrays in the Universe

Each ashtray is built with the best materials by expert hands. Assembled by hand, designed to last and tested to the extreme, Poke A Bowl is changing the game one ashtray at a time.

Ashtrays that are Out of This World

About Poke A Bowl

Our Mission is Simple: Create the Best Ashtrays in the Universe.

Founded in 2012 by Actor Creagen Dow. Poke A Bowl was built around the core idea of making products that set a new standard. Ashtrays that are resilient, affordable, & truly extraordinary.

  • Making it windproof indoors around fans and outdoors in the wind. Water-resistant. Conceals odor from ash and resin. Protects your family and pets.

  • Pierces through the hole of any bowl, even with a screen. Does not utilize a useless knocker or silicone/plastic poker that is too thick or flimsy to remove ash or resin.

  • Lightweight making it an excellent travel companion. Take it with you wherever you go.

  • The inside has a heat-resistant, nonstick, silicone surface, allowing ash and resin to pour out into the trash for effortless clean-up.


We’ve designed each of our products to exceed expectations. Balancing quality, aesthetics, and affordability is difficult, but we make it look easy.

Forged by Us, Crafted for You